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Title: Jack O'Neill, Linguist Extraordinaire
Author name: Icarus
Author email: icarus_ancalion@yahoo.com
Category: Slash
Sub Category: Gentle Humor
Rating: PG
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Summary: So, Daniel doesn't speak every language.
DISCLAIMER: The characters and universe contained in this story are Copyright MGM, Showtime, Gekko, Double Secret. No infringement on their copyright is implied. Copyright 2006 All rights reserved. This story may not be reproduced in whole or part without the author's explicit permission. Ask, guys. I'm easy to reach and usually quite generous.
Author notes: Written playfully about a year ago.


Jack O'Neill, Linguist Extraordinaire
By Icarus

Jack had picked up the habit of asking Daniel what every unfamiliar sign said, even on Earth. It impressed and amused Jack to squint at some squiggles and be informed that it just said "keep off the grass." If it was gibberish, Daniel could read it. Until now. They squeezed behind the tiny table at a Thai Restaurant.

"What? You don't know Thai?" Jack said it like an accusation.

Daniel retreated behind his menu, shoulders hunched defensively. "No."

"Thought you spoke eighty languages or something."

"Twenty-three. And I don't speak Thai. Though I know Sanskrit, which has had considerable historical influences on ancient Thai Buddhist texts..."

"Who speaks Sanskrit?" Jack squinted at him while ordering #27. Daniel ordered number #14, blushing.

"Well, no one actually. It's a dead language. And I don't really speak it, I just... know it. I can read it. Sort of. If I, uh, look up a few words."

"A few?"

"More than a few," Daniel admitted.

"How much more than a few?"

Daniel set down the menu and folded his arms.

"More than ten? Less than twenty?" Jack smirked at him and picked up his Thai iced coffee. "Hell. If that's 'speaking' then I know, oh let's see, Russian, German... Arabic."

"Jack, it doesn't count if your entire vocabulary can't be repeated in mixed company."


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