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Title: A Geek's Life, And Not Really Ashamed
Author name: Icarus
Author email: icarus_ancalion@yahoo.com
Category: Slash
Sub Category: Mild Humor
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Summary: Just when Jack thought Daniel had hit "maximum geekdom" Daniel goes that one step further.
DISCLAIMER: The characters and universe contained in this story are Copyright MGM, Showtime, Gekko, Double Secret. No infringement on their copyright is implied. Copyright 2006 All rights reserved. This story may not be reproduced in whole or part without the author's explicit permission. Ask, guys. I'm easy to reach and usually generous.
Author notes: A playful little ficlet written a year ago.


A Geek's Life, And Not Really Ashamed
By Icarus

"So why'd you stop your..." Jack smothered a belch as he searched for a polite word. "... Dungeons and Dragons thing?"

"Oh, I started tutoring." Daniel sat with his beer bottle still mostly full and tucked between his knees. It was probably warm by now. The TV flickered with the sound off. When had TV died and been replaced by infomercials?

"Pay well, did it?"

Daniel licked his lips and hid a smile, slightly smug. "Not that kind of tutoring."

Jack frowned at first, then... "Oh!"

He sat up and Daniel broke into a full grin.

"I think we both got C's. But I learned a lot."

Jack watched him take a swallow of his beer, finally, and make a face. No wonder Daniel didn't like beer if he drank it warm and flat.

"After that I started working at the Renaissance festival every summer."

Jack peered at him. "Renaissance festival? Didn't you do anything normal? Mow lawns? Work at MacDonald's like everyone else?"

"Hey, I got to dress up and speak in horribly fake Middle English." Daniel beamed, giving him a silly grin and toasting with the beer bottle. "I was 'Sir Lancelot' at the jousting display."

"Oh, now that's not Freudian."

"It was. Very." Daniel grinned. "Those Renaissance festivals were torrid places: a lot of teenagers, little supervision, role-playing, which seems to loosen people up."


"What about you?"

"Role-playing? Not much, unless you count the dress blues in, um, unusual situations."

Daniel spluttered and burst out laughing. "I meant jobs, though this is getting interesting."

Jack was red-faced. "Oh," he shook his head. "I had a paper route but after that, no, no time. I was an eagle scout. They kept us pretty busy. Until I had enough of that whole 'clean cut boy-next-door' thing."

A slight smirk played at the corner of his mouth, and a mischievous sparkle, the sort you only caught if you knew Jack well.

"Jaaack... what'd'you do?" Daniel chided.

Jack's little smile was infinitely smug. "Everyone."


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