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There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish. - Dr. Who

Icarus story progress (this is an experiment):

For the latest stories, check the Updates page. My current favorite stories are:

The Albatross (Harry Potter fandom)
Necromancy For The Living (Stargate Atlantis fandom)
Tanlines & Dogtags (Stargate Atlantis fandom)
The Walls Of Jericho (Stargate SG-1 fandom)

This site features fanfiction. What is that, do you ask? Simply put, fanfic is when you take popular media (books, TV shows, movies) and write stories based on them for other fans. Fanfiction in my view is modern mythologizing; we appropriate stories and characters that already have meaning for readers and play within those boundaries.

This site also contains slash, i.e., homoerotic fiction. I enjoy slash very much but if you do not here's the door. Run! Many of these stories are explicit. You are forewarned.

My original fandom was Lord of the Rings. Then I wrote Harry Potter slash for several years. Recently I started reading Stargate slash, just to keep myself from running for a pen whenever I read a Harry Potter story. Because I could just enjoy Stargate, right? I'd never be tempted to write it. Sure... and I can quit anytime, too.

Out of over a hundred stories it may be difficult to know where to start. These are the stories that have either been nominated for awards or recommended by others:

Nine of my Stargate stories are currently nominated for a 2006 Stargate Fan Award:

Best Crossover: Colony Atlantis. Jack/Daniel. R.
Best Zine Fic/AU: Binary Roles. Jack/Daniel-sort of. NC-17.
Best Pre-Slash: Sonic Boom. Jack/Daniel. PG-13.
Best Action/Adventure: The Walls Of Jericho. Jack/Daniel. NC-17.
Best PWP: Shy Guy. Jack/Daniel. NC-17.
Best Humor/PWP: Oh What A Night. Jack/Daniel. NC-17.
Best Humor/PWP: For The Petulant Gods. Jack/Daniel. NC-17.
Best Romance/Humor: Fools Can Dream. Jack/Daniel. PG-13.
Best Romance/Drama: Welcome Home, Mr. General, Sir. Jack/Daniel. R.

Harry Potter stories that have been nominated for awards (and never won :)

Beg Me For It
Primer to the Dark Arts
The Hat Trick
Guy Talk
Unexpected Guest

Stargate story nominated for a 2005 award (and didn't win, snerk)

The Other Man

Stargate SG-1 stories recommended

Colony Atlantis
Shy Guy
For The Petulant Gods
The Walls Of Jericho
Fools Can Dream
Sonic Boom
Oh What A Night
Shared Secrets
Straight Across The Dessert
Between The Lines

Stargate: Atlantis stories recommended

Out Of Bounds WIP
Last Port Of Call
Traces Through Time
Breeding Ground

Harry Potter stories recommended

Beg Me For It
Primer to the Dark Arts
Guy Talk
The Hat Trick
A Moment Of Sin
Ante Up!
At Fauntleroy & Diagon Alley
Cursed Artefacts For Sale
Sex, Drugs and Death Eater Rock
Far Too Personal
Drunken Domesticity
Zen Taxi
Skinny Dipping
Sweet Hypocrisy
Two Way Mirror
A '57 Vincent And A Red-Headed Boy
Your Friendly Neighborhood Death Eater
Just Desserts
The Metronome
First Signs Of Magic (series)
It Was All Right
Oh, What The Hell
Two Men On Top
Here Again
An Elegant Man

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