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WIP: Last updated on May 1, 2009

Out Of Bounds John/Rodney. WIP. NC-17. 1,169k (so far)
An utterly self-indulgent cliche. John's a rebellious figure skater who after twelve years of competition has just one last shot. Rodney's the former World Champion, shattered by defeat (can't you just hear the Olympic theme song?) who can make it happen. But first....

John skating his short program by Miso No Tsuki - John in t-shirt by Miso No Tsuki - Cover art by Teaphile - More cover art by Teaphile - Photomanip by Moojja - Photomanip by Mona - 2nd photomanip by Moojja

Vid by Starrylizard: Adrenaline - Out Of Bounds Soundtrack (friend LJ to access)


Bacchanalian Circuit John/Rodney. NC-17. 58k
Rodney has a few... esoteric... fantasies about Sheppard tucked away in the recesses of his normally sacrosanct mind. It's perfectly natural, understandable, to be expected even. But then the real John Sheppard shows up to ruin them.

The Wildly Circling Moon Sheppard/McKay. NC-17. 12k.
It was a rule, apparently. Johnny Cash was played as low as heartbreak, while anything with an electric guitar had to test hull integrity.

Silent Night Sheppard/McKay. PG-13. 9k.
"Christmas?" John said. Written for bluflamingo for the sga_santa 2007.

No More Quasi-Religious Alien Sex Rituals Sheppard/McKay. PG-13. ~24k.
John desperately tries to bail himself out of trouble.
Now with art by _inbetween_.

Tanlines & Dogtags Sheppard/Lorne. NC-17. 119k.
Everyone wondered just where the nude photos of Colonel Sheppard had come from. Not that they were complaining.
New art! By Bruins fan: Lorne in the Tidal Pool and John Sheppard's really lousy photo of Lorne (his expression ... hahahahaha!).

Oh, wow, look what Miso No Tsuki drew: Sheppard nude on the beach and the view through the camera. A 2-hour recorded version has been created for you by Freemountin.

Necromancy for the Living John/Rodney. R. 23k.
How does John write a mission report about something no one wants to hear? (For the SGA Flashfic mission report challenge. No spoilers, although the report was written for Auburn's beautiful In The City Of Seven Walls, which you should read next, or first, but you should definitely read.)

Early Birds John/Rodney. NC-17. 17k.
It was the only way Rodney could John to bottom.

Traces Through Time John/Rodney. R. 27k.
A technological misfire has John digging through Rodney's diary to rescue him.

Five Things John Is Afraid Of Various. PG-13 - R 10k.
John is not his father, nor is he afraid of dying, nor will he ever care about the guys back in high school. But there are days he truly hates the Pegasus Galaxy.

Betrayal John/Rodney, John/Lorne. NC-17. 10k.
Rodney has a diabolical solution to infidelity.

Coming Attractions John/Rodney, John/Fantasy. NC-17. 10k.
John has no idea what the future holds.

Absurd Drabble John/Rodney. PG-13. 6k.
Rodney has a terrific sense of smell, really.

Last Port Of Call. John/Rodney. NC-17. 50k.
If John was going down with the ship, he did not intend to spend his final two weeks living like a monk.

About Ten Days Before The Wraith Attack. John/Rodney. NC-17. 11k.
It was John's idea, and predictably, Rodney freaked out.

Not A Pretty Sight. John/Rodney, Zelenka. NC-17. 8k.
Sex never looked good in real life, but you couldn't help but watch.

Pavlovian. John/Rodney. R. 6k.
"Orbital planetary defense system. With a multidirectional railgun." Rodney teases John with imaginary toys.

Appalling Hurt/Comfort Fic. John/Rodney. PG-13. 7k.
Sap. Smarm. Tears and angst. The tragic consequences of blowing up five sixths of a solar system followed by, yes, bubble baths. (Post-Trinity episode tag.) Stargate Atlantis is known for its crack!fic. I'm no exception.

Class A's. John/Rodney. R. 5k.
The first time he'd put on the Class As for Rodney he'd had to have them dry cleaned an hour later.
Just a little comment fic for 2010 by Pentapus.

Double Bed. John/Rodney. PG-13. 8k.
John found himself putting away toys and projects, cleaning up like movie night was a major event.
Shalott's A Beautiful Lifetime Event envisions a universe so complete and compelling I think everyone gets fanfic bunnies from it. (Pesky things.)

In The Spotlight (the Unicorn Remix). John/Rodney. NC-17. 27k.
Ten-plus years of illustrious service in the U.S. Armed Forces -- okay, maybe not so illustrious that last part in Antarctica -- only to be outed by a damned horse.

Pastoral Symphony. R. John/Rodney. 6k.
John eyes Rodney's rather doubtful charms first thing in the morning.

Colony Atlantis. R. Jack/Daniel. Stargate SG-1/Atlantis Crossover. 44k.
This is what happens when Weir begins to build her vision of a utopia.

First Christmas. PG-13. John/Rodney. 11k.
Well, they looked like pine trees....


Liar's Chair John. R. 27k.
Rodney's summary: The planet was a tropical paradise--if your peculiar idea of paradise includes no technology, sinus-killing allergens, and stinging bees. But the real mission report pertains to how Colonel Sheppard ended up, from there, in a frozen wasteland....

The Stars Look Very Different Today John, Rodney. PG-13. 8k.
This time, John followed orders and did the search and rescue later. "Oh, really? How's that working out for you?" Warning: character death.

Breeding Ground. R. John, Rodney. 10k.
Rodney realizes the military has shorted the Atlantis expedition.

Power Napping John, Rodney. PG. 10k.
Sheppard's little trick had just been useful for babysitting really, and babysitting McKay, but it had become something that could kill him.

The Quick Bird On Hot Sand, aka Civilian Authority Teyla centric. PG-13. 15k.
Teyla always wondered at the Atlantean planet designations. Could they not call each planet by its name?

And Liberty For All John, Rodney. PG-13. 8k.
"You're a Republican?!"

Compassion For The Enemy Carson Beckett. PG. 11k.
Carson frets over what they're doing to Michael.

Doo-Wop. PG-13. John, Rodney. 9k.
Rodney's report wasn't technically late if Sheppard was still in his office at ten o'clock at night.

Build Your Own ZPM John, Rodney, Zelenka, Elizabeth, Kavanagh. PG. 6k.
Major Sheppard has a bright idea at a briefing. "Why can't we just… make a ZPM?"

Taking Stock. PG. John, Rodney. 7k.
After Sumner's death, the new senior officer of Atlantis takes stock of weapons and, er, personnel.

Nowhere But Up. PG-13. Gen. 11k.
Wherein the nature of 'orders' and 'defying them' is explained with no little hypocrisy. The general is talked into reconsidering a disgraced pilot for the Atlantis team.

Remedial Basic. PG-13. John, Rodney. 10k.
Written after The Storm: John decides Rodney needs a little remedial training.

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