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WIP: Complete!

The Walls Of Jericho NC-17. Jack/Daniel. 188k. Now Complete!
Jack's legendary diplomacy leads to more than the usual trouble off-world.


Sea Change Jack/Daniel. R. 6k.
If you've gone that one step too far, can one return to being friends?

Binary Roles. Jack/Daniel-sort of. NC-17. 25k.
Written for Off The Record II.
Col. Jack O’Neill doesn't believe in second chances, least of all when it involves the impossible, improbable, or just damned unlikely. Yet six months after his death, there was Daniel, Mr. Improbable, walking down the ramp. He knew there had to be a catch. Wouldn't you know the fine print turned out to be Thor, and Daniel's final "good deed."

Hotel California. Jack/Daniel. NC-17. 24k.
A lazy summer afternoon in Jack's boat. Long, lush porn written for Sodality.

Colony Atlantis. R. Jack/Daniel. Stargate SG-1/Atlantis Crossover. 44k.
This is what happens when Weir begins to build her vision of a utopia.

Oh What A Night. NC-17. Jack/Daniel. 49k.
Daniel's apartment was way too small for a party like this, but it was his turn and anyway, Jack's neighbors had called the police last time they had it there. Daniel shook his head. "Only at the SGC would we be playing five card stud with a deck of tarot cards."

Fools Can Dream. PG-13. Jack/Daniel. 15k.
Jack thought it would be cool to have the wedding in space. (Yes, it's a marriage-fic, but I promise it isn't cloying.)

For The Petulant Gods. NC-17. Jack/Daniel, humor. 11k.
Jack and Daniel's, erm, glorious sex life.

Between The Lines NC-17. Jack/Daniel. 12k.
Jack explains the difference between military policy and reality -- hypothetically, of course. It's all about where you draw the line.

The Other Man. Jack/Daniel, Jack/Sara. PG. 6k.
Sara O'Neill might not be able to hate this 'Daniel Jackson,' but she'd be damned if she was going to share.

Cairo. Jack/Daniel. PG. 11k.
Jack walks in on Daniel's latest bizarre interest.

Sonic Boom. Jack/Daniel. PG-13. 14k.
Jack takes Daniel for a wild flight in the F-15E Strike Eagle.

Welcome Home, Mr. General, Sir. Jack/Daniel. R. 9k.
The second part is complete. Jack returns from another all-nighter at the SGC.

Shy Guy. NC-17. Very. Jack/Daniel. 9k.
An assignation. "Daniel took off his glasses and sank to his knees. One foot knocked against a bottle of bleach, while in front of him Jack shouldered between the clatter of a broom handle and some metal shelves."

Straight Across The Desert. Jack/Daniel, PG-13. 13k.
Jack hoped the road was in flames, burning a beacon to right here. Yeah, that's right. Start your stopwatches, Joint Chiefs. This is gonna be a long night.

Arguing with the Gods. Jack/Daniel, PG-13. 10k.
Quetzalcoatl says that the Gou'ald doesn't destroy cultures, merely adds to them. Daniel's rebuttal is fervent - but Jack wins the debate.


First Time A Soldier Jack, Daniel. PG-13. 27k.
It took Jack and the SGC years to convince Daniel to qualify on the Beretta. "I've become something I've never wanted to be." For the Jack and Daniel Fic-A-Thon.

Jack O'Neill, Linguist Extraordinaire Jack, Daniel. PG-13. 5k.
So, Daniel doesn't speak every language.

Dungeon Master Daniel Jack, Daniel. PG-13. 4k.
Jack forgot how geeky Daniel truly was.

A Geek's Life, And Not Really Ashamed Jack, Daniel. PG-13. 6k.
Just when Jack thinks Daniel has hit the ultimate in geekdom, Daniel goes that one step further.

Armed Forces Jack, Daniel. PG. 5k.
Jack explains his first love.

Shared Secrets. Jack and Daniel. PG-13. 6k.
Daniel shares a bit of his past. Daniel casually said as he cut the mold off the cheese, "Oh, yeah, I sort of developed the ability to eat anything." Vignette.

A Solid Foundation. PG-13, Jack, Daniel. 5k.
"What is there between you and Daniel?" Carter asks some personal questions. (Vignette set in season one.)

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