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Title:How To Write For The Internet
Author name: Icarus
Author email: icarus_ancalion@yahoo.com


We all know to use spaces in between paragraphs and block form instead of indentation. But do we know how to write for the internet?

Build Your Hook in the First Paragraph

When someone buys a book, they have already made a commitment to read it (more or less). So the story can build slowly, gradually.

The internet reader? Not so. If you do not hook your reader within the first two paragraphs, you've likely lost them - click - goodbye. A lot of good fanfic writers lose their audience for this reason.

Internet Pacing

A book is easy on the eyes, relaxing. The reader can change position, lay down, stretch out, etc.

The internet however is exhausting, your eyes are looking at a lighted screen. This creates eye fatigue, and stories with long paragraph styles and slow pacing wear the reader out. Even though the same story on paper would be scrumptious. Also, the reader usually 'hunches' in front of the screen, forced into a rather strange posture over that mouse.

Short paragraph styles, tight description, and a slightly faster pace that keeps the screen scrolling saves eye fatigue, keeps the reader from sitting still too long and getting stiff. It makes your story that much more likely to be read. Slice through your story like a journalist. Edit ruthlessly.

Reward Your Reader

Lastly, the internet with its easy clicking encourages your reader to skip away from your fic... so many distrations, so little time... Reward your reader for their efforts. Treat your chapters like short stories and a have a 'kick' in each one.

This has been a public service announcement.