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Miso No Tsuki is back, this time drawing John's tense short program in the figure skating AU, Out Of Bounds. Miso reveals the sheer athletism and pressure of the sport, along with its goofball glitter and sequins.

Miso No Tsuki was kind enough to draw John in the figure skating AU, Out Of Bounds. As a bonus she gives us that same program, but this time in practice, with the glitz stripped away.

Matt's nuanced rendering of Major Lorne captures both the intimacy of the tidal pool in Tanlines & Dogtags along with Evan Lorne's amused unavailability and distance. And look at that dappled water. What I love most about Matt's work is he's not shy about the sheer physicality of the Major in what is a very sensual story. (R-ish to NC-17)

A more comic moment in Tanlines & Dogtags (NC-17), Matt shows us John's dreadful photography and Lorne's frustration as John refuses to take any advice. You gotta love John's off-kilter horizon and knack for capturing the strangest expressions.

The multi-talented Zoe a.k.a. Alex gives us a sensual and tense moment at the Death Eater Ministry in Hey You, part three of Beg Me For It. Percy is deliciously vulnerable as he attempts to survive Lucius Malfoy's many moods.

Miso_No_Tsuki does gorgeous work with her beautiful Sheppard photographed (R-ish to NC-17) in Tanlines & Dogtags. Not to mention the view through the camera.

_inbetween_ cracks me up, giving us a deliciously detailed (NC-17) John Sheppard sprawled and debauched. Yeah, I drooled too. He gets to explain what happened that night in No More Quasi-Religious Alien Sex Rituals.

One of my own sketches, and yes, that is wildernessguru. Not drawn for any particular fic. Note: NC-17.

Ailine draws a breathtaking chiaroscuro Draco. His thoughts are turned inward, his face a cool mask as he contemplates killing Lucius, hidden outside Lucius' office in SNAFU, the climactic chapter of Beg Me For It. Ailine captures his internal struggle.

With soft lines and warm colors Ailine gives us a sensual Ron and Draco exploring each other in part two of the Beg Me For It series, Sex Drugs & Death Eater Rock.

Ailine is extraordinary. Not only has she translated Beg Me For It, the drabble series and SNAFU into Russian, she has created this beautiful, emotional rendering of the Arena scene in Beg Me For It.

Ailine somehow has made this moment gorgeous, if painful, with her use of rich reds and lighting that's reminiscent of a bare lightbulb illuminating their casual, gleeful cruelty. Crabbe and Goyle abuse Draco after his capture in Beg Me For It. It's off-scene in the series but vivid here.

Lizard's talent just keeps growing by leaps and bounds. This is her re-work of her cross-dressed Ron/Draco for Sex, Drugs and Death Eater Rock. Ron here is especially.. uhn.

Denise draws an adorable bratty five-year-old Draco, driving his father up the wall in First Signs of Magic: Draco Malfoy. What was that saying again? It's a good thing they're cute at that age, or else they'd never live to see age six?

Naggingfishwife truly loathes Hagrid as you can probably guess. Animagick was written for the "Blame Somebody Else" challenge, and therefore I take responsibility for neither the art nor the fic. Scouts honor. It's not my fault.

I always think of The Hat Trick when I see Lizard's Ron here, though this was done just, well, just because. The pose is so... Ron, and the colours are just lush.

Ron and Draco in drag was drawn for Sex, Drugs and Death Eater Rock by my favourite minion *wink* (and fabulous artist) Lizard. This happens to be one of my favourites. Cracks me up every time.

Crockywock drew 8 (and 3/4's) year old Hermione for First Signs of Magic: Hermione Granger. Such detail in Hermione's room, as well as the shining expression on her perfectly innocent face.

Ron and Draco try out Draco's contraband bubblebath under house arrest, during the second part of Beg Me For It, Sex, Drugs and Death Eater Rock. Drawn by Lizard.

Ron and Draco overwhelmed, drawn by Lizard, Sex, Drugs and Death Eater Rock. When Lizard sent this to me, I knew exactly what point in Death Eater Rock this was.

Harry feels the press of lips against his when he opens Snape's note. Dragon Lassie drew the invisible kiss for Primer to the Dark Arts. Expressive lines in a manga style.

The ever-popular and highly embarrassed Quick-Time Faerie catches an eye-full in Primer to the Dark Arts. Drawn by Dragon Lassie.

Percy leans against his wardrobe in a corset, waiting to be laced up in Council of Obvious Edicts. Drawn by Lizard. This still reminds me of daguerreotype.

Percy and Lucius apparate to their hotel room for Fanning the Flames co-written with Sparrowhawk (she wrote Lucius, I wrote Percy) and sketched by our beloved Lizard.

Percy aka interimminister from the HP Dungeons RPG, strikes a naughty pose for a friend. Note: NC-17 gift art for Isolde by Icarus.

A prim Percy states his legal disclaimer for the Percy Ficathon, drawn by Lizard.

Wilderness Guru asleep, drawn by Icarus. His very striking mouth and ubiquitous long hair.

Wilderness Guru, wet hair sweeping his back, by Icarus.

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